SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) & SEA (Search Engine Advertising)

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) & SEA (Search Engine Advertising)

What is SEO ?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. For anyone unfamiliar with these terms, it is the practice of increasing both the quality and quantity of website traffic through search engines. SEO allows you to improve your brand exposure through non-paid (also known as “organic”) search engine results. SEO, as opposed to SEA – Search Engine Advertising – is not an advertising campaign.

Why is it so important ?

In most cases, you will generate more relevant traffic from your SEO than from paid ads. Studies show that 70-80% of users focus exclusively on non-paid search engine results and ignore paid ads.

SEO is one of the only online marketing channels that, when configured and maintained correctly, can continue to be beneficial over time. If you produce solid content that ranks well by following the right keywords, your traffic is going to benefit greatly and on an ongoing basis, whereas any advertising will call for additional funding once it expires.

Thus, SEO can be an extremely powerful tool for your business if executed correctly from the start. The more we can collaborate with our clients, the more successful our SEO efforts will be and the more traffic to your website will experience.

Now, what is SEA ?

SEA – Search Engine Advertising – is nothing more than a search engine advertising campaign. You will buy the right to find yourself at the top of the search list according to certain keywords and thus increase your visibility. SEA allows you to obtain results faster than organic rankings.