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Monitoring website traffic, how does it work ?


You’ve just got your new website ? Don’t forget to monitor and analyze your traffic! We offer maintenance and website analytics packages, in order to have a better understanding of your digital presence. We make sure that each of our clients is equipped with a set of tools to analyze their traffic and conversions.

Why is it so important ?

Of course, each type of business has different goals and there are plenty of approaches to mesure website performance metrics. However, all businesses, whether in the hospitality industry, B2B or e-commerce, will gain massively from a solid understanding of their traffic.
Some good reasons to keep an eye on your traffic

Know your customers :

  • Know how they get on your site Google, social media or maybe through a newsletter ? Know where to invest more.
  • Know who they are (age, gender, location, interests) to better understand your target market and adjust accordingly.
  • Know who is buying and why you can track where the sales came from and what actions visitors took before buying.

Know your best content / products / services :

  • Find out which products or services are getting the most views and compare if they are also the most purchased / requested.
  • If you have a blog, which posts get the most views ? See how long visitors stay on the page to see if they are actually reading it.
  • Make sure to reduce the “bounce rate” on your landing pages (home page, product page, etc.).