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7 questions you need to ask yourself before creating your website


Are you thinking about making or redesigning your website, refreshing your brand image ? The idea may seem simple, but deserves to be well thought in advance. Indeed, every project needs a guideline. And while we help our clients define their goals and strategy during our creation process, there are some parameters that you may need to consider when planning your new project.

7 questions you should ask yourself before creating your website

What is your key selling point ? What makes you different from your competitors ? Why would someone buy your products or services instead of theirs ?
Do you already have a brand or are you in the process of creating one ? Do you have any design ideas you want or can we let our imagination run wild ? Would you like your brand to convey a modern or traditional image ?
Who is your target market ? Do you mainly deal with businesses or with individuals ? In this context, who are your main users / buyers ? Are you reaching the right audience or would you like to reach new markets ?
Who are your main competitors ? What do they do better than you ? What are they doing worse than you ?
Do you want to create a new website or update an existing one ? When was it created ? What works ? What is not working that you would like to change ?
What would you like to achieve through this project ? What parameters will determine the success or failure of the project ? What performance indicators are you looking at (for example: time spent on the website, conversion rate, number of appointments, number of clicks, etc.) ?
Who are the main stakeholders of the project ? Do you have a deadline ? What is the budget allocated to the project ?