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About us

Our history

We are located in Paris, France. At IMOC, we only accept a limited number of projects at a time in order to best satisfy our clients.
Passion for design
We like to accompany you in your projects. We like to create, and especially to create something new with each project to support you in the development of your business.
Website creation

Digitize your business, increase your turnover online and develop your digital marketing know-how to maintain a lasting advantage over your competitors. That’s what we do.

How do we work ?

Our workflow

We always follow specific steps when we are working on a design project. In this way we can keep everything organised and it creates moments to talk about the project with our clients.
What do we use ?


We like to use the latest software for our projects, so we know there is nothing better to use for our clients. These are the platforms that we use on a regular basis.
Questions we often get


We often get asked the same questions. We’ve put the most common ones in this section.

The final price depends on your needs, on the design, on the number of pages and the functionality of the website.

You can let us know what you want by contacting us, we will call you back.

It’s yours, and yours only. The site does not belong to us and we cannot modify it without your consent. If you wish, you can grant us the administration rights to ensure your website is updated regularly, or opt to do it yourself.

The only thing we kindly ask you is to allow us to put your website in our portfolio, so that our future customers can see our work.

Depending on your needs, the urgency of the project and the frequency of our exchanges, we can take about 2 weeks. More complex projects will take more time.


Talk to us about your project

Ask to be called back to discuss about your business and project